New construction with LSF

This construction method, used on a large scale worldwide, is characterized by having steel as the main structure in the entire construction.

Galvanized steel is thin in thickness, making it a very light material while achieving a very good strength performance.

These are two good features for LSF (Light Steel Framing) to be a material with great advantages in the construction and rehabilitation, but the advantages doesn't ends there.

Its features make the LSF have some of the following advantages:​

High thermal and acoustic comfort

Easy and fast construction

Economic construction

Ecological: No waste at work


Quality guaranteed

and more...

  • Applies to new construction and rehabilitations;
  • Excellent behavior at high winds;
  • Excellent anti-seismic behavior;
  • Easy to increase modules for expansion;
  • Applies to new construction and rehabilitations;
  • Robustness;

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